Innovative business solution for your new venture

The new-age business firms are already equipped with technological tools and ideas. They know exactly what they are supposed to do and the firms do not hesitate to seek help from other service providers. We are able to experience a wide range of services provided on the online platform. It definitely offers a different perception of how businesses run. Social media platforms are one of the most engaging and much-needed solutions today. Many businesses today carry out their operations and customer engagements through the same.

What is it about?

WhatsApp is the new business website where almost all the information is provided to the clients and customers. As it is used by millions, this perfectly helps companies to get new customers. Moobidesk is a popular firm that provides whatsapp solution api in Singapore.

This was started after the platform opened Application Program Interface for business accounts. The firm is known to provide and offer a communication platform that merges Whatsapp Business Solutions to take the customer experience to a higher level.

What are the main features?

  • Easy to use Whatsapp solution API.
  • Fast and reliable messaging.
  • Multi-agent support.
  • AI-powered chatbots.
  • Secured End-to-End messaging.
  • Analytics and reporting.

The main benefit of the solution is that it drives a high-level customer experience. The API solution will also improve and accelerate the team’s productivity. Along with this, it enhances customer engagement at scale. The WhatsApp messages are intelligently routed to the agent if the bot encounters any issue. Visit the website to know more about the website and what the firm offers additionally to all the business firms.