Sharp spikes when becomes a nightmare to the trespasser

When it comes to the safety of a person’s house, wall spikes play a significant role as to defend unwelcome intruders. It is also called razor spikes, which is decorated with a bit-like structure. The bit functions as a sharp body; like a cactus is matted over your boundaries. These spikes are easy to install and the installation time depends on the length of your railing. According to the specific application, razor spikes are designed and coated with various finishing.

razor spikes

The description regarding the spikes

The spikes can be available in aluminum wire, galvanized steel strip, and stainless steel wire. The coatings, are verily weather resisting, and have endurance. These can be of various types according to one’s need with castle wall spikes, bird spikes, anti-climb spikes, shark-tooth spikes, and security spikes mostly available. Spikes can be offered in different colors with strong finish, which cannot be broken off the wall easily. It works as an effective intrusion deterrent. Nowadays, spikes are being processed under quality control. Before presenting it to the customer a company should meet the technical requirement of the USA and European countries.

Sharp spike has become a simple and effective way to increase the safety of your fence, whether the wall is made from brick, concrete, or wood. It cannot be fall off easily. It is fixed to the wall or metal fence with the expansion screws. It is often used as a safety purpose in residence, garden, school, warehouse, or elsewhere. It is also used in military purposes such as in border to prevent invaders.

One can think that would it be looking nice in the boundaries?  Well! The answer is yes because its appearance is very good and it is specially designed with a smart look for the sake of customers. The color-variant can be black, grey, or transparent, or many more. You can give additional decoration above the spikes in your boundaries to jeopardize the vandal.


If you wish to protect your family and property, safety always is required. An individual can build a house but what he sometimes forgets is to protect his house from robbers. That’s how the accident is welcomed. So, let’s throw this problem at the bay and let it not be happened in future with installing a sharp, endurable, wall spikes with a gentle look to reverse the outcome and to make our place safe.