Why bitcoin is till a good investment?

An easy way to tackle the tax problems in your business is to switch to the digital currencies like bitcoin. Even though you could find a lot of currencies in the online world, bitcoin is considered to be the king of the digital currency. Because it is the first introduced digital currency in the market and hence it has been on the top position even after the introduction of a number of digital currencies. Even the Libra cannot reach the destination of btc because still today, the bitcoin has a greater credibility in terms of the market sentiments. It has not provided any great loss to the investors and hence it is considered to be profitable.

Do not worry about volatile market


Even though the market condition is volatile, it is hard for us to bring down the price of the btc because it is issued only in a definite number. So you can easily compare it with gold, as both has only a limited presence in the market. But unfortunately today you cannot use the gold as a medium of transaction. It is hard to buy a smartphone by the gold in your hand through the online stores. But with the help of bitcoin, you can buy anything in the online mode and even in some of the locations, you could use the bitcoin in the physical stores by the help of the online transactions. In the future the governments are going to accept the bitcoin as payment mode and the centralised control on the currency will be lifted.