Stop the Controversy and Give way to Bitcoin virtual currency

Generally, bitcoin still sounds unfamiliar to the ears of almost everyone. People who live a simple life surely don’t know anything about it. But to those who are working in the bank are familiar with bitcoin. In fact, several banks have a negative notion about it. They are doubtful regarding the adoption of this type of currency. People who had bitcoin and wanted  to it  encash had to find an allied bank to bitcoin. Somehow problem arises if bitcoin-friendly banks are not available. Where can they transact encashment transactions?

Let’s not be negative: let’s give bitcoin a chance.

Various banks can’t understand bitcoin. they believe it is a destroyer of the industry. They even opted to dismissed bitcoin in the banking industry. On the other hand, there are smaller banks and the online based bank that are supporting bitcoin credit card purchases. But there are other banks just like a Simple bank who is making some steps allowing it to be a part of the industry. Despite the  rumors that bitcoin is a threat to banks, bitcoin friendly banks are still  getting  eager to convince people in buying bitcoin making the bank as the way of payment

buying bitcoin

Meet the allied banks to bitcoin business:

Today bitcoin transactions could already be done in the US. At long last, those who had bitcoins can already have peace of mind.

Here are the friendly banks who can offer bitcoin transactions in the US

  • Simple bank- a friendly bank in the US that works together with multiple bitcoin exchanges and also allows direct buying and selling business for bitcoin. The simple bank has no branches. Account holders are given visa debit cards and can have access to their website.
  • USAA this is the first major bank to invest in bitcoin exchange. It is friendly and permits coinbase users to check their bitcoin balances from their apps.
  • Goldman Sachs- most banks are staying away from the controversial currency bitcoin but not Goldman. Instead, this bank is supporting bitcoin and planning to set up the first bitcoin trading operation and offer altcoin products in 2018.
  • Bank of America- is considered as one of the most friendly US banks to bitcoin. This bank offers hassle-free bitcoin transactions.Clients are allowed to deposit and encash big amount without  many issues.

But sad to know that recently, the deals with Bitcoin has stopped. Credit cards issued by the bank can no longer be used to buy bitcoin. But depositors could still use  their debit card for purchasing. As of now, clients who have a fee-based account should sell the holdings.