Making a Guide Rail by Your Own

Circular saws are now more efficient with guide rails. Using the right guide rails, you can utilize your old good circular saw just like a table saw. You can produce amazing workpieces with a world-class quality designed with straight edges using your circular saw. Sounds good, isn’t it?

You can buy guide rail for circular saw from the market or you can make it buy your own. In this article, we’ll help you with the guidelines to make a wonderful guide rail for you.

circular saw guide rail system

Steps to Make A Guide Rail

To prepare a guide rail, you will require some tools. They are-

Ø  Router

Ø  Plywood

Ø  Drill

Ø  Measure Tape

Ø  Circular saw

Ø  Combination Square

On the very the first step, fringe the saw on the plywood and draw a line according to the base of the saw. Please keep in mind draw the line on the specific side of the saw that is quite far from the blade. Now, use the measuring tape to get the distance between the edge of the ply and the mark you drew. Apply the same measurement for the whole piece of the ply. Then, take some object that is straight enough to draw a full line. Now, check the line starting from the end. After this, place the router and take a measurement of the bit of router to the end of the same. Now, place the wooden piece exactly in the centre of the tubing that you made. This will help in resisting clobber. Now, it’s the time to mark up the tracks. To mark the first track, set the router bit in such a way that it can take 1/8 inch at every single pass. Repeat this for several times so that you can determine a proper depth as per your requirement. Put the correct location on the saw so that you can place the second track.  Now, route the second track in the same way like the first track. Check if two bars are able to move properly in the track. You can use sandpaper to sand out the track if required. To manage the friction, you can use wax. Now, get a bar that is 1/8 inches minimum in terms of thickness. After this, you need to drill and spigot the hole thoroughly through the base of the saw and the bar. Do this for the second track as well. Don’t forget to cut the track off through the end of the base of the saw. Now you can cut the track out from the plywood. The guide rail is now ready to use.

Hope this the article helps to make a good guide rail.