How Security Audit And Security Management Audit Is Beneficial?

IT consultants offer a range of audits adapted to the maturity level of the perimeter studied. The flexibility and project experience of IT security consultants guarantee quality Cyber Security Services in Singapore; the team of auditors adapts to many types of requests whatever your needs:

Generic IT Security Audit

This practice makes it possible to obtain a precise and exhaustive map of the current situation and to be able to carry out a gap analysis with the required level of security. IT Security consultants can carry out a global and rapid assessment of the security strategy and its operational implementation through a general security inventory.

Security Management Audit:

This audit is a study focused on security management in a pragmatic approach. cyber security services in singapore audits each element present in the study perimeter and verifies the adequacy with respect for the standard to obtain a precise vision and corrective or compensatory measures to be applied.

Technical Security Audit:

The technical security audit is based on one or more elements specified in advance within the audit scope: an application, a system, a company directory, communication or encryption elements, VoIP, etc. The precise and exhaustive analysis of each of the elements in a unitary way and their interactions with the other elements of the computer system makes it possible to verify the tightness of the system and the possible axes of usurpation of the system to implement any fixes required. The technical system audit measures the difference between the technical configuration of infrastructure, an application, or a system with state of art and the configuration required or defined through security policy document.

Final Words

In support of an internal approach, these in-depth analyses contribute to the progress of safety and better understand the issues by the different actors through the strengthening and capitalization of the collection of information, allowing focusing on the analysis of results.