What to look for Which welding machine will be the best?

The welding machine’s amps should be selected according to the quality of the electrical installation and the intensity with which the device will be used. The thickness of the materials to be welded also depends on it: the thicker, the greater the ampere rating of the device should be. Amperage directly affects the power of the tool. Therefore, three groups of welders can be distinguished: Hobbies – characterized by low power, designed for occasional and low-intensity welding welding machine Singapore . Up to 250A – used for welding thin and small parts and often used by manufacturing companies. From 250A – professional equipment used in the industry.

Efficiency (work cycle)

  Manufacturers give information as a percentage, e.g., 70% efficiency means that the welding machine will work for 7 minutes, and the next three needs to cool down.

welding machine


The basic duty cycle (and therefore the minimum) is 35% – this type of welding machine belongs to semi-professional devices. The efficiency will increase when the user lowers the welding current. welding machine Singapore If the duty cycle is not specified in the welding machine specification, you should avoid buying such a device.

Wire feeder

The feeder can be made of:

  • Plastic – works well for domestic applications, where it is enough to put a maximum of 5 kg of the wire spool
  • Metal – they are more durable, and you can install a 15 kg spool.

The feeder can also be:

Built-in – they are compact welders. Separated – thanks to this solution, the welder can be distant from the source. All you need to do is connect the right length of cable (it can be up to 30 meters).