Beginners Guide For Buying Your First Ever Patek Philippe Nautilus

If you are thinking of buying first Patek Philippe Nautilus, we are glad that you made this decision. In world of the luxury watches there’re many brands that come to use on daily basis. Right from Omega and Breitling to Rolex and more and when combined, all these brands spend around $150 million dollars every year on advertising just to ensure it’s known by everybody that they’re at a forefront of luxury. But, there’s one particularly brand spends very small fraction and is known to produce the world’s best quality watches.

ppf nautilusThey design around 50,000 watches every year around 35,000 of these are the mechanical watches for men. It’s thought by many as a pinnacle of the Swiss watch making. This brand is none another than Patek Philippe. From its inception in the year 1839, the watch has remained the independent & family-owned manufacturer of luxury watch. Suppose you are the lucky ones searching for the first ppf nautilus, here is some essential information that you must know before you go out & buy one.

Currently, Patek Philippe provides around 200 models of luxury watches. Best method to organize such watches is in many subcategories and “families. Most of the watches in men include Nautilus, Calatrava, Complicated, Aquanaut & Grand Complication families.

A Look at the Patek Philippe Families

If you look at these families there sit different models. And these models are differentiated & referred based on complications that they have. For instance, standard 3 hands (minute, hour and seconds hands) the Nautilus without any complications is referred as a Nautilus. The Nautilus that has annual calendar is referred as the annual calendar Nautilus. In order, to make things confusing, most of the enthusiasts and collectors do not refer to their models by name, but by the designated reference or model number. The basic 3 hand Nautilus no complications has the reference number 5711/1A.

Look At the Models

When you are look at their different models, you will see that most of them are made from either rose gold), yellow gold, white gold), or stainless steel. And Patek Philippe states that stainless steel is their most precious metal that they produce. It is because of a fact that some expensive auction time pieces to have sold were the stainless steel variants for the model generally fitted with the precious metal.


There are 3 major avenues that people use for buying the luxury Patek Philippe watches. And there are the Patek Philippe Salons, the Authorized Dealers as well as the secondary dealers. PPF owns & maintains 3 Salons across the world and where you may purchase the watch very easily or buy online.