Where to reside for short term rentals in Singapore?

Without the permission of the Urban Redevelopment Authority, renting of houses for less than six months is prohibited in case of public housing and for three months in case of private housing. Therefore serviced apartments were introduced by professionals that will provide short- term serviced apartments in Singapore to remove the issue of residence there.

How short Serviced apartments term came into being?

Short term rental Singapore requires a minimum two-year agreement, for a period of short stay it became very difficult to afford places that also did not meet all the requirements of the clients. Therefore, service apartments were introduced in Singapore which provides all kinds of a stay including short term stay within a reasonable budget and with all the facilities.

short term rentals

If compared to hotels, serviced apartments come fully furnished along with facilities like Housekeeping, laundry, pool and even gym facilities for which almost equivalent or less amount of money is paid. The rates of short term rentals in Singapore can cost a person staring from $ 2000 to $ 5000.

Conclusively, if one is moving into a new place in Singapore to avoid stress related to setting up in the area or furnishing the space, it is better to opt for short term rentals in Serviced Apartments in Singapore. A well-budgeted place furnished properly with all the types of equipment that also provides a home alike feeling is always a better choice. The business of Serviced Apartments in Singapore is booming if talked about short term rentals compared to hotels over there as it has already offset the drawbacks of the hotels.