Would Your Car Really Get a Full Insurance Coverage?

If you have a car, you know that accidents are bound to happen no matter how careful you are. Accidents on the road happen due to one or the other reason. Sometimes, as a driver, it might be your carelessness. Or otherwise, it might be someone else’s. There are accidents that occur when pedestrians cross the roads without properly checking the road. So whatever be the reason, accidents can occur and it is best if your car is insured. Now, there are many who have heard about full coverage car insurance. Does it really exist? If your answer is yes, then you are wrong or misled by some insurance company who wants to get you take up a policy with them.

Car InsuranceIn reality, there is no such car insurance policy that will give you full coverage. What insurance companies usually offer is a combination of various kinds of insurance policies under the name of full coverage insurance policy, the different types of insurance policy that are usually combined together include the:

  • Comprehensive insurance policy
  • Liability insurance policy
  • Collision insurance policy

So then exactly what does a full coverage insurance policy cover?

As mentioned above, the full coverage insurance policy can be a combination of comprehensive, liability and collision insurance policies. We will now take a look at what each of them covers.

  • Comprehensive insurance policy –this type of insurance policy covers up certain damages to your car that are not caused due to a collision with another car or vehicle. These other factors which can cause accidents and hence damage your car include fire, theft, weather, etc.
  • Liability insurance policy –this type of insurance policy covers the costs for the other party during the event of an accident (that is covered) in which your are found to be at fault.
  • Collision insurance policy –in this type of insurance policy, the costs for damages to your car are covered in the event of an accident wherein the fault is found to be on your side.

Furthermore, the conditions based on which you will get a full coverage car insurance varies depending on several factors. So, check all the options. Research and consult with different insurance policy providers, compare each of their services and only then choose the best the serves your requirement efficiently.