Interesting facts about cord blood

Each and everyone are supposed to know about the cord blood as this is capable of saving the life of a person. Especially the pregnant women should have better knowledge about it as they can take better decision at right time. Even though the collection of cord blood is highly increasing, still there are many people who are not aware of it at its best. Some of the most important and interesting facts that everyone should know about the cord blood are revealed in this article.

Non controversial cells

The first and foremost reason for why the cord blood is collected is because of their enriched non controversial cells. These cells are nothing but commonly called as the stem cells. It is to be noted that these stem cells cannot be collected anytime other than the birth. Hence they are to be collected at the time of birth.

Treating diseases

According to the recent research, it is clinically proven that the cord blood cells are capable of curing eighty life threatening diseases including certain type of cancer. And it is also believed that this count will get increased in the upcoming medical research.

It is not new

Many people tend to have a wrong assumption that the concept of cord blood collection is the science technology which came in the recent days. But this is not the fact. It is to be noted that the first cord blood was collected and transplantation and was executed in the year 1988. It was collected in order to treat the blood disorder anemia. And this transplantation was considered to be successful.

Not much expensive

Even though there are some people who tend to have knowledge about the cord blood collection, they tend to have hesitation in using it as they consider it to be highly expensive. These people must remember that they are not that much expensive as they sound to be. There are many cord banks which tend to provide the service for an affordable price. Hence one can make use of such banks for Cord blood banking. However, they must make sure to choose the certified cord blood bank.