Cheap Elliptical Trainers – What You Don’t Know Can Cost You Big Time

It is my position that you must acquire the best elliptical trainer that your budget allows. The elliptical trainers, which I recommend to all, cost more than $ 1000. Some of them are above 2000 dollars. Undoubtedly, this is a significant amount for most people, but you should keep in mind that this is an investment in your health and long-term physical condition. You want a car that is not only pleasant to use, but also lasts for many years.

The very nature of elliptical trainers and treadmills in this sense makes them prone to use. As a result, they will need to be taken care of at some point during their life.This does not mean that, on the contrary, it will scare you, but to convince you that saving money to save money is not usually a good economy when it comes to elliptical trainers.

Another thing to remember about cheap elliptical materials is that they are likely to move side by side during use and can even cause annoying squeaks due to economic design. All these problems increase significantly if you are heavy. The final result can probably be a snap-in snap bolt or a damaged frame component. Release an elliptical trainer, as you move forward – a terrible idea!

You can join a gym, where there is a wide range of cardio equipment, and maybe you have an attentive staff that will start in a fitness program, or you can start looking for an elliptical trainer within your price range.

How to minimize risk

From the beginning, I do not recommend considering any elliptical trainer, which sells for less than $ 500. You simply throw your money away. We all saw a cheap elliptical strider, which is advertised in advertisements with popular popularity in fitness. I’m sorry, but you’re alone, if you want one of them.

The main problem with elliptical trainers, which cost between 500 and 1000 dollars, is their strength and durability. This is due to the quality of its components and design. Here are the requirements that can help increase the likelihood that you have a successful experience related to one of these elliptical elements:

– Weighed less than 195 pounds. Less than 155 pounds, even better. Women can do better here than men.

– Modify before using the light. Elliptical trainers in this price range are best maintained if they are not used to a large extent.

– Buy an extended warranty if the manufacturer offers it. Most inexpensive elliptical come with a 90-day warranty. That should tell you something right now! Do not settle for anything less than a 1-year warranty on the wear components of an elliptical simulator.


Finally, one way to approach buying a cheap elliptical is to see it as a transition machine. If you only get 2 years of an elliptical trainer for $ 600, but during this period you lost weight and significantly improved your cardiovascular system, then it was definitely money well spent.