World Vision’s Positive Impact on Vulnerable Children Worldwide

World Vision is an organization set up to touch the lives of people positively and it had been doing this for many years already. Many individuals have benefited a great deal from services provided by this organization and it has successfully shown the love of Christ to all and sundry.  The outlet has a social responsibility to all and sundry. the organization believes that the preaching of the Gospel of Christ should not be by words alone but also by action  and this is why it focuses on csr Singapore.

The world is socially conscious today and World Vision is bent on doing its best to bring sustainable development to the people across the globe. The services provided by this organization are not only about csr Singapore; its services also spread to several other countries across the globe. In fact, World Vision has its footprints in both developed and developing countries

csr Singapore

Services offered

The services offered by World Vision touch extremely vulnerable children from impoverished communities.  To carry out its activities, the organization has put together a highly efficient model that has over 20% overheads channeled towards the various field projects undertaken by the organization to help the concerned children.

Do you want to support vulnerable children across the globe? You are always welcome to participate; all you have to do is to get in touch with World Vision Singapore and contribute your window’s mite to the cause. If you cannot give by going, you can go by giving and this organization will take care of the rest on your behalf.