Know more about Mario bros characters

In the world of digital games, there are several games that had created a fascination among people and some of them stay in our memory since it’s been many years. Mario is one amongst the digital games which every 90’s kid would boast about. During its emergence, several of kids around the world spend their valid time on those games and hike their quality of time. These games are more like crowned as the king between all digital games.  If you are one amongst that bunch, then this article will delight you.

 There are only few people in the society who knows more about mario brothers characters.  Reality is very few people than you expect.  As it is a successful game which reached globally, it gets updated with time and technology and gains much more fame.  The characters on the games are evolving like the games evolve with technology.  There are many chanced done and new characters involved. The names of Mario bros are listed as follows.


2.Toad and Toadette


4.Diddy Kong

Just like the bros, new enemies are also introduced. Speaking of the truth, these games are no longer interesting without these enemies. Not one character, but few characters been included so as to give you better experience. Those characters are listed as follows.


2.Bowser Jr.



5.Kammy Koopa

6.Koopa Kid

The antagonists are who increase interest on your game and you often felt adrenaline rush. If you haven’t tried these games for years, you might freak out by trying the new versions. Not only the villains but anti heroes are also available. You can find their name below.



The quality of the games and fun you expect are beyond your expectations. Since the games are updated, you will feel unique and better by playing those games. Rather than trying the new games, it gives a better feel and also takes you to memory lane of childhood.  It had reached many people around the world.

There are many blogs on internet which give detailed explanation to all the major and minor characters included on the games. Spending time on those blogs will drastically hike knowledge on those characters and reach the best one on markets. Reading them also provokes your interest to play the games.