Must eat fruit!

          If you have been wondering what the durian fruit would smell and taste like and have never had the opportunity to try one, then you need worry no more as the fruit will come straight to your door if you order online and one of the best varieties of the fruit called the musang king will be available for you to try and experience it.


  • Many people from within the Asian region and outside of it have only heard of it and seen pictures of it but have never even touched and tasted it at all. The fruit is commonly grown in the south Asian region especially in Singapore where it is a daily food or in several cuisines.
  • Many delicacies are also made out of it and it taste absolutely wonderful. You can have the durian delivered to you place easily by ordering online at the mentioned working hours which is 8 to 10 pm and the package has one fruit but you can choose any quantity you want.
  • It is packaged fresh but if you are not happy with it will be replaced immediately on the one to one basis of replacement policy. The fruit is considered the king of fruit in the region and has many health benefits as the doctors would assure you.
  • The durian description is also available on the webpage along with the weight and price of each of this and the musang king brand offers promo pints if you join as a member online.