The 3 Things That You Need To Do To Increase Your Chances In Landing A Job

When it comes to jobs there are 2 types of people, these types of people get in constant contact with each other. These are the job seekers and the recruitment. The job seekers are the ones that are looking for jobs while recruitment are the people that are looking for the right candidate. The keyword here is “right candidate”.

If you are applying, the fact is that your not the only one that’s looking for a job. For a very common job like jobs in f&b or a dream job like a food taster or a travel show host, there will be hundreds of people that will apply to these jobs. The problem is not with the applications themselves but the number of applications. If you’re recruitment, even if you’re looking to hire 20 people for that position if that position has hundreds of applicants it will still be a pain finding the right one. There are ways that recruitment does to make their job easier like skimming, looking for that “wow” factor and qualification compatibility. A customer service job is probably one of the most common positions out there. If you want to catch a recruiter’s eye and start your job with the customer service industry then you need to be interesting.

You should be at your most handsome with suit and tie: Recruiters don’t know you and if you got a photo, they will look at it first before they will even read your credentials, that is a fact.

You might think that this is wrong but it’s not. In photography, there is an art, rules even to help photos to look great and the aim has always been to direct the attention of the person looking at the photograph to the portion of the photo that you want other people to see. In terms of your picture, it’s the only thing that’s colored in a white paper, so whether recruiters like it or not, it’s going to be the first thing that will catch their eye and if they do, you better be at your most handsome to have that good first impression.

Tailor your application to the position that you’re applying for: There is a term called unqualified and over qualified. If you don’t have the necessary experience they won’t hire you and if you got over the top experience, still they won’t hire you. So what do you need to do? You have to tailor your resume or curriculum vitae to the person that they are looking for, a good guide is the job description and the qualifications of the job posting.

Have a kickass cover letter: Now before you went all wild with a cover letter and sound like a surfer dude from Cali, you shouldn’t. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Don’t make a cover letter that is 2 pages
  • You should sound professional Make it as simple as possible
  • Make a few highlights of your skills and experience

Applying is hard especially if you got much competition like customer service, while you can never change the process of recruitment on how they choose people, there are things that you can do like looking good on your pictures, tailor your resume or CV to the position that your applying for and have a kickass cover letter. Speaking of the cover letter if you need a guide to making the best cover letter you ever had, visit