Your Ultimate Guide in Choosing Best and Reliable Car Brands

Still confused about which car brand to buy? A common dilemma that a car buyer encounters is choosing the best car brand. The car industry is a very competitive market. Car manufacturers would always develop state of the art car technology and innovation. As a buyer, you are left undecided because you are confused which is which. One brand offers better engine performance but not so well on design. The other brand offers the other way around. Here is a list (not in order) of the best car brands, at least in the category of affordability, maintenance, design, and specs. If you’re ready to jump right into selecting the right car brand for you, you can click used cars for sale near me for more information.

1.)   Toyota

Of course, who would not know this brand? This Japanese car brand is probably the most famous in the world. They have the most number of cars in terms of production. Also, almost every year, they have the highest number of sales worldwide. They offer from the very basic and cheapest car to the most luxurious units; from small hatchbacks to massive pick-ups and SUVs, and sports cars. They have the unquestioned durability and versatility of their engine. Let alone the Saharan Desert, Siberian Tundra, and Amazon Forest prove that. The good thing about this brand is that it is easy and cheap to maintain. Their manufacture on their parts has been localized.

2.)   Ford

When you hear this brand, the very first things that come into your mind is the USA and the muscle. Combined speed and muscle are their specialties, thus the famous Mustang. This brand is known for its V-6 to V12 engines and 6 cylinder pick-ups and SUVs. They also have a variety of sedans for common use. Ford is a bit expensive but fair enough for those who love tough-looking vehicles. Ford offers a unique and superb American engineering and design.

3.)   Mitsubishi

Zooommmmm! Yes, you heard it right. Speed! This is what this car brand is known for. Remember those Japanese Zeroes that outspeed the American flyboys in the 1940’s? They had Mitsubishi engines. This Japanese car brand specializes in engines that are small yet powerful and fast enough to send you in 90 miles per hour in just a few seconds. They might not have the design that most people will love but they have almost uncontested engine performance. Their models are almost the same price as Toyota and easy to maintain too.

4.)   Hyundai/KIA

Looking for a budget-friendly ride that gets the job done? These Korean brands have made their way to the international market with flying colors. They might be new to the car industry but they sure have developed car technology that would almost level with the Japanese. The good thing about these cars is that they are cheap in terms of price and maintenance. The parts are cheap too.

These are just a few of the best car brands to choose from. There’s Honda, Nissan, Chevrolet, and many more. There’s no number one car brand. All of them have different innovation, design, and engineering. It’s actually up to the buyer which specs suit the needs and priority. (Check out sell a car for more details).