Want to know everything about Boardroom Limited

Boardroom Limited is a most popular incorporation which is providing a great range of service over 50 years with the happy customers. Your success is their main goal and there are a team of expertise professionals in Boardroom to continuously update their knowledge and skills. So, all kinds of businesses can get the desired success which you deserve.

Why choosing Boardroom LTD?

  • When you would like to start any business but are in the need of a professional help, Boardroom LTD is a right choice for everyone.
  • They have excelled for several decades in the business market across the entire Asia-Pacific by providing the greater support to the different companies.
  • They offer support to the various firms ranging from the start-ups to the largest companies in navigating the complex cultural sensitivities and regulatory policies.
  • Now days, this company is a partner of the several numbers of Fortune 500 public listed firms, multinational companies, and also privately owned enterprises to help company formation in any way.

It is completely based in Singapore and the team of experts have established the critical connections with the world class expertise which give them a permanent footprint in China, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and beyond. Behind all the successful business, there is a large contribution of supportive corporate secretarial services given by this Boardroom Ltd. Everything is successfully possible for your business with over 850 dedicated team members across 5 countries all over the world along with the 15 dedicated office spaces.